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Rely on 25 yrs of  experience as licensed Builder for all Home ,Roof, Deck,  Home sale, maintenance, home  inspection needs

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Knowledgeable Home Inspector Experts

Decades  of experience in the Home Renovation and Construction industry.

Retired General Contractor  

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A highly trained and skilled eye makes us the home buyers and home owners choice !

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Fully Licensed , Certified and insured .  


Highly skilled Handyman & Painting Services

started as a Handyman 25 years ago , my business grew tremendously over the years , I’m ready to get back to what I enjoy the most , the hands on . 

Our Services

NC Licensed and Certified for Real Estate Transactions .

Professional, Fast and Accurate Real estate Transaction Inspections .
Certified  Radon test 

Pest inspections 

Certified Roof inspections 

Certified Deck Inspections 

Certified Deck Construction & Safety inspections

Decks are often built improperly and or suffering from age and deterioration.

Make sure you , your family and friends are safe !

Certified Roof Inspections , We recommend all roofing installations have a 3rd party inspection BEFORE paying final invoice

Decades of construction experience has taught Us that roofs are the most likely to have serious issues and potentially damaging issues that if not corrected could cost thousands in damages .

***County Building Inspectors don’t inspect roofs and Roofing Companies know this .

***Home owners seldom get up on roofs to quality check a new installation and or do not know what to look for, roofing companies know this . 

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